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Compañía Agroindustrial offers guided visits to every people who are interested in knowing the work developed in our Factory.



Educational Institutions: Elementary schools (from the 4th Grade), High Schools, Adult High Schools, Colleges and National and International Universities


Other institutions (Non-educational institutions): Retired centres, Non-profit organizations, Clubs, Dinning Centres, Nursing and Children's Homes, Foundations, etc.


Particular people: Family groups (up to ten members at most).

Students who are doing a practical research work about our company.


How can we arrange the visit?


1- Write to us at, and indicate just the kind of visit you want (choose one of the four visits mentioned above).

2- You will receive a form that you must fill with all your personal details that we need to allow you to do the visit. Once you sent your mail, you will get a copy of it as a proof of registration.

3- Once we scheduled your visit, we will notify you the date and time that we assigned to the visit to the email you indicated in the form.

4- Finally, you must confirm your attendance in advance.

 Lisandro de la Torre 2150 (Ruta Nacional Nº 11) - Coronda - Santa Fe - Argentina

Tel:+ 54 0342 4911810 / 4911233 / + 54 0342 4911655


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